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Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s interview with Die Zeit

On December 7, 2022, Die Zeit published a “revelation” that may serve as a good starting point for today’s briefing.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was in power for over 16 years, took a direct part in the Normandy format meetings and the process of drafting the Minsk agreements. Now she has shared her views on what Berlin really thought at that time and its position in this respect.

Ms Merkel said, “The 2014 Minsk agreements (I think she meant the 2015 Minsk agreements) were aimed at giving Ukraine time. It used this time to grow stronger, as we can see today. Ukraine in 2014-2015 was not what it is today. As you could see during hostilities in the area of Debaltsevo in early 2015, Russia could easily have taken it. I doubt that at that time, the NATO countries could have done as much as they are doing now to help Ukraine. All of us understood that this was a frozen conflict and that the problem would not be resolved then. This is why Ukraine received this important extra time.”

This is not just a revelation or a memory but a confession that was expressed clearly for the first time. Yes, the Kiev regime has recently said, more than once, that it was not planning to fulfil the Minsk agreements, but the West… the countries and their leaders, that took part in the Normandy format, have never been so explicit about this. Now we have a confession by a person, a leader and the head of the country that had enormous influence on the political turmoil in “sovereign” Ukraine. These politicians manually led many political processes, including the change of power in Ukraine. This confession was made by a person in the depths of whose system the Ukrainian elite were formed – the elite that “created the history” of modern Ukraine, or, on the contrary, the anti-history. This is the same state and the same leader that was handing out residence permits, passports and other “blessings” to those whom they either sent to Ukraine or recruited there to pursue their policy.

Now, we have seen the confession of a leader on everything that was drafted and presented to the world as an agreement; that had become part of international law as a UN Security Council resolution that is binding for every state (for all states rather than just the Normandy format members or the Kiev regime alone). This revelation has thrown light on the main point – in the West’s view, all this was a falsification, a manipulation of international law with the express goal of pumping Ukraine full of arms. It was designed to divert the international community from the real events happening on Ukrainian territory, the humanitarian catastrophe and the endless murders that exceeded 13,000 on both sides by 2022. The only purpose was to pump the Kiev regime with arms and to prepare politically for the start of hostilities that we saw in early 2022 when the Kiev regime started carrying out its deadly attacks at Donbass. This did not leave room for any alternative for the Russian Federation – the recognition of these territories as sovereign republics and then adoption by Russia to make them truly protected, to allow them to save lives. These actions were demonstrated to the world via international law and the available mechanisms.

This revelation by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel points to terrible things: forgery (as a Western method of action), machinations, manipulations and every kind of distortion of the law that you can imagine. Back in 2015, they talked for hours, knowing that they would never fulfil any of it, and would pump the Kiev regime full of arms. They did not feel sorry for anyone – the women or children, Donbass civilians and Ukraine as a whole. They needed a conflict. They were ready for it as early as in 2015.

Now much is being said about a legal assessment of what is happening in Ukraine – tribunals and the like. Meanwhile, what I have just described is a specific application for a tribunal. What Merkel said in her interview is the testimony of a person who said directly that everything done in 2014-2015 had only one purpose – to divert the international community from the real problems, to drag time out, to fill Ukraine with arms and to bring all this to a full conflict. This is evidence.

Without using any legal mechanism, we received priceless evidence of what we had been talking about for years. This was Western falsification and criminal provocation. At first, this resulted in the creation of a new Ukrainian political elite that had nothing to do with the national interests of Ukraine. This elite was working in a contrary direction – against the aspirations of the Ukrainians.

The main goal was to create a hotbed of tensions in the region. This was followed by a change in regime even though the people of Ukraine had already made the choice they wanted. The West swept away the legally elected presidents and brought to power its puppets – Viktor Yushchenko, Pyotr Poroshenko and finally, “the bloody, bunker” Vladimir Zelensky. They were planning for a major conflict.

Ukraine crisis

On December 4, 2022, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland visited Kiev. Nobody is surprised that the US handlers routinely make inspection visits to Ukraine. They come to see if the flames are still burning or if more fuel should be poured on them. They simply need to return to the scene of the crime.

We have not forgotten that Victoria Nuland was closely associated with the Euromaidan, which was presented to the international community as a democratic process. In fact, it was a state coup financed and orchestrated by the West and with Ukrainian politicians on its payroll. The leading force was the United States, and the European countries and local political forces acted in tune with Washington.

We all remember the 2013 footage of Victoria Nuland handing out cookies in central Kiev. She keeps saying that they were not cookies but buns. Whatever it was, Nuland was handing out poison to the Ukrainian people, possibly a time-release poison, which started the processes that have led to the current situation. Back then, Washington openly interfered in internal affairs and manually controlled public protests in Ukraine.

I would like to remind you that Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt openly discussed the format of the future cabinet of a “sovereign” Ukraine. Nuland was the harbinger of the tragic events to which the Washington-orchestrated bloody Nazi putsch has led.

It is no accident that she has come to Kiev now, when differences over the distribution of Western aid are growing among the Ukrainian ruling class. It won’t come as a surprise if they are hatching yet another palace coup or a reshuffling. The Zelensky regime, which has been testing Washington’s patience, has plenty to think about.

Washington doesn’t care who holds power in Kiev, and it never did. The United States is controlling Ukraine, which it views as an instrument for attaining its own geopolitical interests in its confrontation with Russia. Even the American media are reporting with relish the details of that endless corruption marathon running via the White House to Ukraine and back. This explains the Biden administration’s efforts to convince Congress to include a $37 billion aid package for Kiev, most of which will be spent on the Ukrainian Armed Forces, in the 2023 budget. They will divide the money later, giving some to American ultra-liberals and European or global banks and private funds, and deciding how much will be used to buy weapons. But this will take place later.

This is also the logic of the three-year $1.2 billion contract the US authorities signed with Raytheon in late November for the purchase of NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems.

In other words, Washington plans to continue pouring fuel on the fire in Ukraine at least until the end of 2025. This is their plan, which is clear from available documents and which they make no secret of. It overturns the statement Zelensky made yesterday to the effect that everything would be fine, and peace would be restored in 2023. Show these documents to his team on Bankovaya Street. Washington has different plans. There’s still a lot of money to be divided and distributed. Tell the gang leader on Bankovaya Street about the scenario that runs into 2025. Maybe this will help him understand what is going on.

The EU is trying to keep pace with the US. On December 3, Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, visited the EUMAM, Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine in Poland. In 2013-2014, we reported that Poland and the Baltics were training fighters for Ukraine, but nobody believed us. We were told that they were ordinary people with Molotov cocktails, who were brought to Kreshchatik in lorries. We were told that they were ordinary workers who did not like what the central authorities were doing, ordinary people who were expressing themselves through protest, not an organised movement, and that there certainly were no specially trained enforcers or fighters.

We provided detailed information. There were camps in Poland where those thugs and nationalists were trained to act as the driving force in those coups. The West is now conducting such training openly and under the same scenarios. Back then, they were trained to fight against their own citizens in Ukraine. You remember that Molotov cocktails were thrown not at the “Russian armed forces” but at Ukrainian citizens. The international community did not comment. Many people believed Washington, which said that it was part of the democratic transformation.

We argued that it was not an element of democratic transformations but part of a controlled state coup that was being implemented by the nationalists who had been trained in Poland and the Baltics. The West is now training them at the same camps but openly. The first group of 15,000 “cadets” have started training. By sending weapons and money to the Kiev regime and by training its soldiers, the EU is turning from a political and economic union into a paramilitary organisation that is fuelling the conflict in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the West is oblivious to the Ukrainian army and foreign mercenaries using the Western-supplied weapons to shell civilian targets on Russia’s territory on a daily basis. In the DPR and LPR, in the Kherson, Zaporozhye, Belgorod, Kursk, and Bryansk regions, they are targeting residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and kindergartens. Remember the uproar in the Western media in February and March of this year over certain footage (which was mostly staged, as it turned out later), and some Russian shells allegedly hitting civilian facilities, hospitals and maternity hospitals?

I wonder if the Western media have a list of “right” and “wrong” maternity hospitals. Apparently, some can be targeted but others cannot. Do they have a list? If a maternity hospital is in Donbass, I’d assume it’s one of the wrong ones. An attack can go unnoticed. Apparently, the women in labour and newborns there are of the wrong nationality, or cultural affiliation, or ethnic group. But if the hospital is the right one (judging by the maps or geolocation), that is, controlled by the Kiev regime, and if at least a fragment lands there, this immediately creates a stir and gets attention. There has to be some logic to this after all. Civilians, including children, are being killed and injured. The targets are actually being chosen by the Westerners. There was an official statement by the Kiev regime saying that all targets were coordinated directly with the United States. Let me remind you that the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is being subjected to massive shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Unlike this, the Russian Armed Forces are targeting military facilities and defence or dual use infrastructure. We have repeatedly warned the Western countries that any weapons they supply automatically become legitimate targets on the territory of Ukraine.

The Kiev regime has unleashed a real terror against civilians amid the continued hostilities – this is totalitarianism at its finest. When the Russian troops pulled out of Kherson, Ukrainian neo-Nazis launched a repressive campaign against the local population. Forget our statements – there are videos gruesome enough to horrify even Western public figures. There has been a massive wave of “filtration” and extrajudicial killings. In mid-November, the “head of the Kherson military-civil administration” appointed by Vladimir Zelensky called on the military to “shoot traitors like dogs.” Her words were heard. The SBU security service shot Kirill Rashin, head of the pre-trial detention centre, without a trial or investigation.

According to more recent reports, a squad of Polish special services and army officers dressed in Ukrainian uniforms has been sent to Marganets, Dnepropetrovsk Region, to identify local residents who are sympathetic to Russia. I don’t understand why they should be wearing Ukrainian uniforms then. Aren’t you proud of what you’re doing? You’re supplying weapons and spending money on this, and helping develop strategies on the ground (I am now addressing Warsaw). Why can’t your people wear their Polish uniforms, for the whole world to see? Why are you hiding behind this Ukrainian camouflage? Walk with your head held high! Let the whole world see your people there and know who is implicated in these massacres.

The Ukrainian authorities have deployed a full-blown repressive machine in many regions of the country as part of their misanthropic policy. Any criticism of the regime is viewed in a totalitarian context. People face treason and collaboration charges. Moreover, the Kiev regime is escalating, as if inciting hatred on its own territory wasn’t enough.

According to reports, a private law firm in Lvov has launched a service called Turn Over a Moskal. I see it as an ideological upgrade on the Mirotvorets website. As if what they had been doing wasn’t enough. They’re escalating. The purpose of this project is to “legally cleanse Europe of potential invaders.” This is the Third Reich all over again – to cleanse Europe, aka the best part of humanity, from the “genetically impure.” This has been described before – the ideology of fascists, nationalists and Nazis at its finest. We have already been there. Users of this website are encouraged to report Russian citizens living in European countries and send their information to the relevant authorities in those countries. The question is: what kind of democracy or freedom is this, with the worst practices used by dictatorships now being legalised in the territory controlled by the Kiev regime?

On the other hand, this may actually be something new. This is probably news for anyone who has never heard about the people who were burned alive in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa; who has no idea about the Mirotvorets website; or anyone who is unaware that people get shot in the centre of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities for expressing their opinion or a different view of the situation. Perhaps this is news for them if they have never heard of any of it.

Not for us. We are not just aware of this, but we have been sounding alarm for eight years. We point out that this logic is now enshrined at the legislative level, in the piles of laws and by-laws churned out by the Kiev regime. Until recently, this was practiced by some marginal groups that acted outside the law. They were difficult to track down, and even when they were, they got reprimanded and released, or court cases fell apart before our eyes. Today, what was tested for eight years has been elevated to the status of a law. This has taken the form of legal action.

The mind warp of the Nazis controlled by the Kiev regime reached a stage where a clinic in Lvov offers DNA testing for Muscovite genes. Anyone can pay $175 to check if they have non-Ukrainian “impurities.” Does this mean that there are Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian genes, and you can establish this by taking a DNA test? Unlike what happened in the centre of Europe 80 years ago, today’s monsters have the technical capabilities to do this. They have the internet and DNA testing to check for “Muscovite genes,” weapons, huge funds, Washington’s support and its information and political instruments. If an end is not put to this, we will see a disaster of untold proportions.

The Kiev regime consists of persons on the Western payroll who don’t care where they live. There are no values they will not sell or pawn on order from the White House, for example. In keeping with the worst traditions of the proponents of the terrorist ideology, they have seized the bulk of the country’s territory, which claimed to be a sovereign state, and are running the European show. This is mayhem.

Some people will say that this an isolated incident that took place in a crazy clinic. No, it is an example of the ideology that is connected with the situation on the ground and is encouraged by lawmakers. This is not an isolated group of people but a system that has been put on the nationalist wheels. In 2021, the Law on the Indigenous Peoples was adopted in Ukraine. DNA testing for “impurities” is part of that law’s implementation. What next? Will they build ghettoes for Russians, Jews and Greeks? Will it come to that? Will they do this to people with “impure” genes?

Another step towards the revival of Nazism was a recent ruling by the Ukrainian Supreme Court that the symbols of the SS Division Galicia are not Nazi. Who are you trying to deceive? This is open disregard for the decisions of the Nuremberg Trials, which recognised all the symbols of the Third Reich and Waffen SS as criminal. The Galicia Division is not a symbolic name but part of Waffen SS. The SS symbols were condemned in Nuremberg, but the Supreme Court of Ukraine decided that they are not Nazi. And nobody has seen any contradiction in that. All is well, even though Nazi symbols are prohibited in Ukraine. What are Nazi symbols if the SS symbols are not regarded as Nazi? Who committed all those crimes and implemented the Nazi ideology? This was above all done by SS units.

Of course, Washington, Brussels and public and international organisations are taking time to provide an assessment of the berserk nationalists’ activities in Ukraine. This tactic is encouraging them to act ever more brazenly, reinforcing their belief that they will go unpunished, drawing out the conflict and increasing the number of casualties.

It is shocking that some people say a situation must be created where Russia will be driven into a corner. It’s not Russia you are driving into a corner but the whole world. This is obvious. An attempt to drive one-sixth of the world into a corner will definitely and unquestionably push the world towards a disaster of untold proportions.

Întreaga prezentare este extraordinară: spune, clar și răspicat, lucrurilor pe nume.

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