Foștii parteneri

Zilele trecute UNSC a avut o reuniune la care au participat foștii parteneri.

Iată transcrierea grohăielilor Mordorului. (memorare)

Câteva finețuri:

Can those numerous recorded strikes against civil facilities have happened by mistake or by accident? It is obvious that this is the conscious and deliberate involvement of the United States and NATO in the crimes of the Kiev regime. Vendors who supplied those weapons to Ukraine are equally responsible for civilian casualties and devastation of social and civil infrastructure as Ukrainian artillery and MLRS operators.


We keep record of all such criminal acts by the United States and its allies. There will be concrete legal consequences for all those involved. We also track and destroy the equipment delivered.


The legitimacy of such steps is still to be assessed. By doing what they are doing, Western states violate the obligations under the International Arms Trade Treaty, which envisages a ban on arms exports to the regions where it can entail violations of international humanitarian law and escalate conflicts.


We do not hope to hear anything encouraging from our former Western partners today.


[…] [Y]ou will not be able to shift to Russia the responsibility for the fact that Ukrainian punitive teams have used and are using your weapons to kill people in Donbas, whom they have terrorized since 2014. Or for the fact that due to far-reaching corruptedness of Ukrainian, European, and American officials, weapons from Ukraine end up in the hands of international terrorists and help incite conflicts and kill civilians in other regions of the globe. No one who has watched this meeting can have any doubts left that your acts undermine the international peace and security. I think that explicit denial by our American colleagues of the obvious facts and trends, as well as their announced intention to maintain uncontrolled flow of weapons to Ukraine will be duly noted not only by the unbiased UN member states, but also by the American taxpayers.

În context, merită de reamintit că există nește Cărți albe despre istoria istorisirii. (memorare, memorare, memorare)


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