De-ale Satanei

Întâlnire cu fra’su în ale sulfuroșeniei. (memorare, memorare)

Cuvântare la adunătura orcilor cu ocazia serbării barbariei originare. (memorare, memorare)

For 1,160 years now, we have firmly learned that for Russia it is mortally dangerous to relax its sovereignty or renounce its interests even for a limited time. Russia’s very existence has come under threat during these times.

They can no longer expect us to make these mistakes. We will not succumb to blackmail or intimidation, and we will never betray or lose our sovereignty. By strengthening it, we are developing our country.

Sovereignty is the guarantee of freedom for everyone. According to our traditions, nobody can feel truly free if his people, his Fatherland, Russia, the homeland is not free.

Responsible and strong power in our state is serving and will serve only the people of Russia. This support for the key issues on the domestic and foreign agenda can guarantee the successful, safe development of our country as one of the centres of a fairer multipolar world that is now taking shape.

We are on the side of open, honest partnership. This is our firm position and based on this we will build our relations with anyone who shares our ideals of equitable, mutually advantageous cooperation.

Ieri orcii și-au sabotat propria conductă. Oh, well!

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Uni-verse(te) paralele

(Instituția “Organizația Națiunilor Unite” a fost creată de sovietici, cu sângele sovietic care a stins Al Doilea Război Mondial. Sângele lor s-a uscat. ONU este, acum, doar o carcasă lipsită de viață.)

Cu ocazia încheierii simulacrelor numite referende, UNSC s-a întrunit, la cererea Ucrainei.

Cum crezi că se poate ajunge la conviețuire în această situație?

Simplu: prin schimbarea situației!


UPDATE 29.09.2022: VV. (memorare)

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Presa, în formă maximă!

Maestrul, de la 40:09:


Am ajuns să citesc cu nesaț TASS și să urmăresc R24 pentru știri cât de cât urmăribile… Apropo, ați auzit ceva despre «Союз МС-22»?!

Azi încep simulacrele numite referendumuri… Tic-tic-tic!

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Jacques Baud – SitRep

La thepostil. (memorare)

The petrodollar was established by the US in the 1970s to finance its deficit. By forcing other countries to buy dollars, it allows the US to print dollars without being caught in an inflationary loop. Thanks to the petrodollar, the US economy—which is essentially a consumer economy—is supported by the economies of other countries around the world. The demise of the petrodollar could have disastrous consequences for the US economy, as former Republican Senator Ron Paul puts it.

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