WH la NATO 70

2 percenters (memorare)

Macrou (memorare)

Stoltenberg (memorare)

Iacă și Domnul Președinte explicându-ne:


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Astăzi avem acutizarea atacului asupra Jandarmeriei.

Este de remarcat “justiția populară”; totdeauna, la nevoie, se găsesc “cetățeni vigilenți”, care denunță “măgăriile”, care cer “justiție”. “Noi” știm, desigur, cine-ce măgării a făcut, știm, desigur, și pedeapsa pe care o merită; cerem, ferm, justiției să-și facă datoria! Va fi vai de capul ei dacă îndrăznește să ne contrazică, pe “noi”, Poporul!

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Trumpian show



Boy, oh, boy! Cred că diplomații și militarii ruși (și chinezi) sunt în criză de depresie: nimic din ce au învățat până acum nu se mai aplică! NATO a decis să îi lovească aprig cu maimuțăreală. Și ei, Doamne ai milă, chiar nu știu ce să răspundă! Bufoneria este noua armă mortală a NATO! Nu ai absolut nici o metodă cunoscută prin care să i te opui! Ah, da: #șînoi #WEARENATO!

Doamne, miluiește-ne pe noi, păcătoșii! Îndură-te de noi, greșiții!

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MS continuă să-și numere ouăle. (memorare)

MS cu partenerul strategic. (memorare)

AM, și AM. (memorare, memorare)

Iacă unul din articolele referite. (memorare)

[…] No actual wealth-creation, no real energy consumption. Real wealth creation–growth of energy consumption.  Sure, Asia-Pacific has some catching up to do in terms of its infrastructure, but it is clear where the REAL wealth is being created and where it stopped to be created. I, of course, am not talking about operations on the stock market, they do consume some energy, which goes into operation of the computers and software designed for speculation and blowing bubbles, but other than that, this is as much as it goes into the wealth creation. I am sure the energy required to build or repair one major bridge or to produce a single commercial aircraft by far exceeds energy required for a stock buyback which leads to increased “capitalization” of some company. Like a real estate market–one day your house is worth $200,000, next year it is already $260,000. You see–no effort at all and $60,000 has been created out of pure air. But that is what this graph demonstrates–real economic growth requires energy, when there is no growth, there is no energy consumption increase, even when one considers real energy-saving technologies, of which yours truly is an enthusiastic supporter.

Everything we do in our lives requires energy. Creating things is the most energy-expensive activity. Yet, if you look at the graph, population of North America and Europe was growing (will omit here how) steadily in the last 15 years, yet, energy consumption remained rather flat. It is a problem, the system capped real wealth-creation and the runaway process of social stratification began in earnest. […]


It is not just the issue of mood or narrative, there is a growing realization in the United States that the country is in trouble. But even abundance of energy and “money” still cannot prevent a contraction of the only thing which matters–real economy and everything that follows with it, real, not part time retail, jobs and wages. The system is utterly broken and there is NO workable solution to this quagmire. The energy consumption graphs will remain flat, until they will begin to dive and the dive is coming. It is a perfect storm of corrupt elites, collapse of education and upbringing, and of radical de-industrialization committed in pursuit of financial chimera. It is what it is. Only nations which consume (and produce, that goes without saying) actual energy will eventually progress towards finding or discovering new sources of it and will push towards new frontiers of not only material wealth, which is important, of course it is, but will see new horizons for human development which will be in space travel and colonization of Solar System. For that, one will have to have sources of vast energy, real advanced manufacturing sector and population which sees a larger purpose in life than mere accumulation of wealth.

The secret to it? Consumer matrix, most normal people eventually understand that material wealth satisfies only to a certain point and for many this certain point is usually fairly well-defined: it is decent housing, decent transportation and….You add your points. Good thing to discuss.

Iacă și din comentarii:

Arctic_Fox • 3 hours ago
Per your comment re US/Euro pop growing for 25 yrs while energy consumption was flat. That’s what happens when you deindustrialize; send half of your manufacturing economy to China & other hungry locales. Export energy usage. Export supply chains. Export pollution. Export worker issues. Export the need to care about basic skills & education. Export the need for business to engage w communities. Just import it all back in to sell via Walmart/Target; then pay in Almighty Dollars and watch as the pop begins to fade out via alcohol, drugs, crime, etc. Heck, who needs brick & mortar stores anymore? Just buy all your stuff online.
It’s easily the most self destructive social idea in history. Economic self-annihilation.

smoothieX12 . Mod Arctic_Fox • 3 hours ago
The United States built modern China–it is pretty much an axiom. It is also one of the most mind-boggling cases of selling national interests out for a good profit margin.


Vasya Pypkin • 3 hours ago
“it is decent housing, decent transportation and….You add your points. Good thing to discuss”

With everything written above it looks awfully close to Soviet socialism model with minor improvements .


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