salvează România.

Iacă și Adevărul. (memorare)

Historia despre Katyn.

Adevărul are un articol despre execuție. (memorare)

Ghiavolul are un articol interesant despre ultimele acțiuni de destabilizare prin manipulare. Până să-l citesc nu am sesizat perversitatea gălăgiei despre pensiile speciale… (memorare)

Zice că acum circulă și trenul.

Zice că s-a întâlnit cu ștabii. (memorare, memorare)


Zice că un Su-57 a picat testul.

Americanii sancționează pe orișicine contribuie la Nord Stream 2. Hm. Rămâne de văzut ce vor face nemții.

Am primit azi cartea lui BH. Poate am răgaz zilele astea pentru ea…

Pe vremea incidentului cu Skripalii urmăream blogul lui Craig Murray. Unele postări mi s-au părut interesante. Apoi mi s-a părut complet neinteresant. Iată un articol al lui EZ la TS. Acuma, ce spune EZ mi se pare complet ne-interesant. Dar sunt interesante câteva comentarii:

vot tak on December 24, 2019  ·  at 10:02 pm EST/EDT
Murray is not a liberal or a progressive. When he was in the uk diplomatic biznus, he was a tory. I don’t know what his personal politics are, but his outward expressed views are a mixed bag. I used to comment on his blog years ago, around the time of the zionazi litvenenko false flag. Murray propagandized the zionazi-gay version (bad, bad Russia). At the time he was supporting all the zionazi-gay propaganda against Russia.

His support for Assange really surprised me. It may actually be for real. Assange isn’t a Russian or Chinese. It’s possible to hold views against the most extremist of the west, while still support the the basic propaganda against their multipolar rivals. Even tories, and ex-tories, are capable of this line of psywar. It’s not just just the pseudo left who have learned to incorporate left concepts, a surprising number of rightwingers do this, as well, now. The trump critter also being one of them when on the campaign trail.

Murray should be considered unreliable, as all rightwingers.

As for ethnic or class being more important, it’s a nonsense choice. Apples and oranges comparison. Both are important in their own ways.

Anonymous on December 25, 2019  ·  at 12:12 am EST/EDT

Anglo propagandists wear many different political masks.

The most dangerous are NOT the obvious ones who openly peddle psywar memes against the Anglosphere Empire’s designated enemy nations.

The most dangerous are the ones that present themselves as anti-establishment dissidents, antiwar critics, etc.–while also (selectively) peddling the very same psywar memes.

Craig Murray is likely an example of the latter.

I also doubt that it is a wild coincidence that Murray has chosen to focus on Russia, China, and India as the targets of his crocodile tears …. I mean… benevolent humanitarian concern for their Muslim citizens.

These three nations comprise an essential component of EURASIA.

And the Anglos–especially former British imperialist “diplomats” like Murray–damn well understand that Eurasia is the leading obstacle to the perpetuation of the current unipolar Anglo World Order.

In order for Anglo domination to continue, Eurasia must be weakened and preferably dismembered.

Multiethnic and multi-confessional nations must be balkanized into more easily controllable ethnically homogenous statelets and rump states.

In Orwellian fashion, the Anglos will hail this development as examples of democracy, freedom, human rights, autonomy, or self-determination!

See Kosovo, the former Yugoslavia, or South Sudan as examples of this Anglo geopolitical stratagem. Or, Syria, Iraq, and Libya as examples of not-so-successful attempts to apply this Machiavellian tactic.

Never forget this: the British in particular—and Anglosphere nations in general–are consummate promoters of ethnic division and separatism in the world.

They instinctively will sniff out ethnic, religious, or sectarian division in a targeted nation and then shed copious crocodile tears for these divisions in order to foment, exacerbate, and encourage them—all the while rationalizing their behavior with the most noble-sounding pretexts and moralistic figleafs.

Divide and Conquer is a British tradition. It is just as British as tea and crumpets, football hooligans, fawning over British royal parasites, or waging wars of aggression based on lies.

There is a damn good reason that the French coined the phrase Perfidious Albion.

vot tak on December 24, 2019  ·  at 10:20 pm EST/EDT
One further observation about murray. He, from his writings, appears to be a rare example of a brit conservative type who is not pro-zionist. IE: old school brit conservative. Fred Jane was another. There are a few on the right who are not zionazi-gay, a very few…

Nussiminen on December 25, 2019  ·  at 1:28 am EST/EDT
”But while I have a deep-seated love for Russia, its culture and people, I know of no other commentator who calls for the Russian Federation to be divorced of its internalised colonies, an opinion the Kremlin would find outrageous.”

Craig, I can list hundreds of ”other commentators” pushing precisely this line, screaming angrily till their faces turn blue. Dismemberment of the Russian Federation and the accompanying ”Human Rights” show trials against its patriotic government in Western kangaroo courts are the top priorities of the entire drooling, panting swamp of Western presstitutes. What makes your take somewhat ”special” is that you claim to love Russia. Touching, yes. Convincing, nah.


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