OE – concluzii. (memorare)

For us the Church means the Orthodox Church: there is no other. Outside the Church there are only breakaway fragments with their historic remains, either greater or lesser vestiges of the Church. Similarly, Christianity means Orthodox Christianity or, for short, Orthodoxy – it is the same thing. Outside Christianity there can only be vestiges of Christianity.

Interesantă aprecierea despre Occident și valorile occidentale:

The Western World and Europe

Creating itself 1,000 years ago on the ruins of Roman Imperialist paganism and Germanic barbarism, the Western world was from the start inherently built on racial pride. It claimed, through what it called its ‘theology’, in fact its self-justifying ideology, that God through the Holy Spirit had given it absolute authority over the whole world. Its leader, variously called pope, emperor, king and, today, president, had replaced God. God, apparently, has always whispered in their ears and told them what to do, ensuring that Western leaders have always been right, infallible.

In order to prove this spiritual delusion, ‘the West’ became the ruthless enemy of ‘the Rest’, and so the destroyer of all other world civilizations through organized violence with astonishing military technology, born of its aggressive and arrogant self-belief. It has always attempted to undermine the elites of other civilizations through its ideology and so sabotage the religious foundations of other civilizations (all civilizations are founded on religious belief) by secularizing them and so overthrowing them. This we can see very clearly in the history of Russia and, again today, in the classic case of the Westernization of the once glorious and famous, but now inglorious and shameless, Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Western ideology replaced God with man, for it is Anti-Trinitarian and therefore Anti-God, Anti-Patriotic and Anti-Family. It replaced God the Father with the idol of Money (Mammon), which is why the linchpin of its ideology is called ‘Capital-ism’. It replaced the Incarnation of the Son into social life with the ideology of Power and so created artificial Unions of countries where Power could be concentrated among the oligarchic few of the elite or ‘establishment’. And it replaced the Sanctification by the Holy Spirit of personal life with Sin, disguised with words like humanism, individualism, freedom and democracy. Thus, its idolization of the Anti-Trinity of Money, Power and Sin, which sum up its ideology. And it is precisely these idolatrous values, which began in Europe which will lead to the end of the world.

Europe is a purely artificial construct – it does not exist. In reality, Europe, meaning ‘the West’ is only the north-westernmost tip of the single Continent of Eurasia, meaning ‘the West-East’. Its Asian part is the foundation of all World Religions: Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. Today’s European Union is thus an isolationist myth, a power-grab of its elite, and it will not survive. Having now abandoned both its Roman Catholic and its Protestant forms of Secularism, its remaining atheist form of Secularism is bringing it to suicide. Europe can now only survive if it becomes part of a Northern Eurasian Confederation, that is, if it repents for its thousand-year long apostasy and returns to being part of Orthodox Christian Civilization.

La fel, interesant despre Britania:

England is my home. My home is not Britain, which is an artificial invention of foreign political elites and establishments, whether pagan Roman, barbarian Norman or atheist Hanoverian. As the political construct of a foreign elite, Britain as a political unit is destined to disappear.

OE – A Treia Romă. (memorare)

[…] the Soviet elite, like all imperialists in history, like the American elite today, thought that a great empire is always geographical. Of course, it is not – a great empire is always a spiritual one. Thus, the Soviet error consisted of confusing the Third International with the Third Rome, trying to build paradise on earth without Christ. The ravages of alcoholism, abortion, corruption, divorce and ecological disaster were only the logical consequences.

Also, as a result of this error of confusing a geographical empire with a spiritual empire, today many people in Eastern Europe hate Russia, ‘the evil empire’: you only have to visit the Western Ukraine, the Baltic States, Poland, Romania and elsewhere to meet them. And unfortunately these xenophobes hate precisely Russia, confusing it with the Soviet Union. Even worse, some of them hate Russians, not understanding that many Russians, made naïve by their weak faith, suffered from an inferiority complex vis a vis the West. This was why they were among the victims of the mainly foreign Bolsheviks with their alien imported ideology of Marxism, the fantasy of a German rabbi’s grandson.

Nu sunt de acord, în general, cu viziunea mistică (în sens magic) asupra lumii. Sunt anumite aspecte ale realității, mai ales partea nevăzută cu ochii firii, pe care religia, în general, și creștinismul (ca ortodoxie), în special, le aduce către noi. Cred că lumea, din care suntem parte, și la care suntem parte, este continuă și infinită. Religia, păstrându-și un vestigiu de magie, o vede ca dis-continuă. Nu am, și nu am avut vreodată, sentimentul, senzația sau convingerea discontinuității. Dimpotrivă. În acest sens apreciez marxism-leninismul ca instrumente potrivite. Dar…

Mă gândeam zilele acestea la pornirea neiertătoare a marxismului, și leninismului în consecință, împotriva religiei, în general, și a creștinismului, în special. Ceea ce a dus la eticheta de ateism. Și mi-a venit în minte cum că, desigur, Marx nu avea cum cunoaște creștinismul ca ortodoxie: l-a cunoscut ca papism și protestantism. Lenin, cu siguranță, nu a fost un cunoscător al creștinismului ortodox. Deși Stalin probabil că știa mai bine. În acest sens ar fi interesant de gândit Rusia Sovietică. Precum și Rusia Putinistă.

Mă gândeam zilele acestea cum că, interesant, capitalismul (deconstruit de Marx) este un produs al Occidentului. Prin Occident înțelegând creștinismul denaturat în papism, apoi protestantism, apoi ateism zio-masonic. Iudaismul într-un cerc complet, după devierea creștină.

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