Marx – băiat bun…

Lenin – băiat rău. Stalin – Marele Satan.

Lumea Liberă are intelectualii ei. Păi dacă e intelectuali – musai ei e marxiști!

Zice că:

Ideologia momentului este orice ideologie, doar să nu deranjeze… LOL!

Ah, desigur, chinezii au cunoscut iluminarea: e capitalismul, pupătorilor de moaște!

N-are rost: mai bine de un mileniu de minciună carolingiană nu poate duce decât la GIGO.

Modern Europe is a product of Charlemagne, the greatest enemy of Hellenism in history. It is founded on Charlemagne. It is not a product of Helleno-Christian composition, but of Franko-Germanity. The various Frankish groups (Franks, Teutons, Normands, Lombards, Burgundians, etc) are still at the leadership levels of the European Union. Greece’s Hellenic presence is a foreign element among them.

The essence of the Western theological alienation is its entrapment within ancient Greek thought, by philosophizing, legalizing and rationalizing faith. They maintained this trend and turned it into their own theology and faith. It is the legalistic approach to matters of Faith .

European Man also misinterprets Hellenism. Europe took ancient Hellenism and altered it within its own standards. Ancient Hellenism is not even preserved within European Culture. The Renaissance managed to attain to neither the Hellenic, nor even the Roman era, because there was no continuity. The Renaissance was not created by the Romaic people of the West, but by the Franko-German conquerors. European Man bears no relation whatsoever to ancient man; he has nothing of the relations preserved by the Holy Fathers and Mothers of our Church.

We have a culture that creates saints, holy people. Our people’s ideal is not to create wisemen. Nor was this the ideal of ancient Hellenic culture and civilization. Hellenic anthropocentric (human-centered) Humanism is transformed into Theanthropism (God-humanism) and its ideal is now the creation of Saints, Holy people who have reached the state of theosis (deification).

The Empire of New Rome (Romania or “Byzantium” as it was to be called later by scolars), with Constantinopole as the New Rome (11/5/330 A.D.) was the new post Roman world. It was based on the triptych: 1)Roman state structure, 2) Hellenic Education and 3) Christianity, which was gradually shaped into Orthodoxy.

The entire Empire functioned, in the minds of its citizens, as the “Church” (ekklesia), that is a gathering of believers in Christ, with Orthodoxy serving as the common link betweenthem. Orthodoxy determined their nationality, so that the civil title Romaios meant “citizen of the New Rome: Orthodox”.

The religious feeling of ancient Greeks continues through Orthodoxy. For instance, instead of Poseidon (god of the sea), who is a non existent or even demonic entity, we have St. Nicholas with proof of his historical existence, his miraculous activity and of his deified state. It is not “another type of idolatry”, since all Holy people are of the “Body of Jesus Christ” and the honor attributed to them, is always focused on Christ.

The Orthodox conscience is defined by three points: the first one is faith that the best and most authentic expression of our culture is the life of our Holy Fathers and Mothers, our Saints. The second is to be conscious of the superiority of the Orthodox culture, as opposed to ancient Hellenic culture; ancient Hellenic culture is baptized and reborn. The third point is to be conscious of the superiority of Orthodox culture, compared to the European culture.

After the Frankish alteration of Western Europe its social development was carried out on a racial basis. The rights of the conquerors were imposed through the feudal system, which however was not based on land-owwnership as in the East, but of racial character. A class of nobility was created and was considered “nobles by nature”. The barbaric conquerors declared themselves “nobles”. The other class was that of the subjects, those enslaved to the nobles. This very small minority conquers the entire West and transforms the Romaic people into slaves in their own land.

Another impact, apart from serfdom, is colonialism. Colonialism is the extension of the internal structure of slavery to foreign parts. Western individualism (individual domination at the expense of others) is completely different from that of the East, which has a socio-communal character. Western man says “Why don’t they make me Prime Minister to solve all our problems ?.Western Man lives within an environment which motivates him to sacrifice others for his own benefit, not to sacrifice himself for others.

Europe used to have a civilization and culture the same as ours, but after the barbaric invasions of the Franks Romaic Western Europe was enslaved and lost this tradition. Thus, God apppointed us to be its guardians.

The cooperation between France and Germany (the two main Frankish branches) in many fields, evident in our days, prooves that there is an attempt underway to return to the unified European center of time of Charlemagne.

Dragii mei, e atâta de simplu: capitalismul este rasism care este europenism care este frankism. Marele Satan al zilelor noastre o spune cu subiect și predicat. Ce marxism mai vrei!? Ce ideologie mai cauți?!

UPDATE 25 noiembrie 2023: Iacă pe Marele Satan, despre confruntările ideologice ale momentului. (memorare, memorare)

Zizi Kodwa: […] [T]oday’s challenge, Mr President, and you agree with me, is justice and everything we see is the disintegration of the unipolar world. By day, by hour, by minute, it is disintegrating. In the context of the Global North and the Global South, what are the possibilities of justice in the multipolar world?


Vladimir Putin: I see the multipolar world as fair. You said yourself that there is a general trend towards enhancing the level of justice.

I have already spoken about this. In my opinion, this is not just idle words. After all, the wealth possessed by many countries, especially the European states and the United States, was largely based on the injustices of the past and the former world order, on colonialism and slavery. And the technological advantages that part of humanity received at a certain point were not used fairly. They used them to assert their domination. Attempts to do this continue up to this day. This is the real essence of the current events, if we discard important, albeit still secondary factors. This is the essence of the current events.

You have hit the nail on the head – the goal is to make the world more just. Multipolarity is one way to do this. What should this world be like? It should consider the interests of all countries and peoples. They are not just taken into account but are arranged in such a way as to balance all interests.

I will not go into detail on certain current events or I would be talking about them until the morning, but the main goal is to make the world more balanced and to consider the interests of each other.

This is exactly what we are trying to do, say, in BRICS. Now I would like to recall how the recent summit was held. I watched with surprise how President of South Africa Mr Ramaphosa conducted it. I will tell you why I was surprised. One of the main themes was the expansion of BRICS. There were different approaches and different opinions – should this be done at all, should it be expanded or not, how should it be done, and so on. He probably returned to this subject about 50 times although the summit participants had different positions and went from one side to the other. He returned them to “the centre of the field” in a very neat, polite and diplomatic way every time. Eventually, we resolved the issue.

This is a very good example of how it is possible and necessary to seek a compromise and achieve it without imposing some view on others. This is how BRICS is built in general. It is not some bloc, especially not a military bloc, but it does create conditions for reaching mutual understanding. This is the way to go, and this is how we will work, including in BRICS that we will chair starting next January.


Mikhail Shvydkoy: Mr President, may I ask a clarifying question? It remains a mystery to me. With five member countries in BRICS now, we can achieve some sort of compromise and consider every voice. However, with eleven members and the next 20 or so waiting to join – how can this be done? How can we ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s interests are respected?

Vladimir Putin: It is difficult, but we should strive for it. There is simply no other way to reach a compromise. And we are too familiar with the alternative: proclaiming that someone is exceptional in relation to others and dividing people into first and second class, like meat. This should not take place in human society. It is unnatural.

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