China capitalistă

Este axiomatic, pentru propagandă, că în China, acum, se construiește capitalismul. Este o prostie.

GT are un articol despre dezintegrarea URSS. (memorare)

Portraying the US as the “victor” of the Cold War, many media and scholars from the US and other Western countries are at pains to attribute the collapse of the USSR to its socialist path, claiming that its choice caused mistakes like military expansion, Great-Power chauvinism and failed economic reform.

But a mainstream view in China is that socialism is correct, and that it was effective in helping the Soviet Union defeat fascism and build a superpower. The error lay in that leaders of the USSR after Joseph Stalin deviated from the path of socialism, and even betrayed the path and the people of Soviet Union, said Chinese experts, stressing that the success of China today has further strengthened the correctness of this view.


[…] in China, we have reached common ground after much research and many discussions that Stalinism is not the root cause (pentru eșecul URSS – n.m.) , and the real reason is that, from Nikita Khrushchev to Mikhail Gorbachev, the leadership of the Soviet Union gradually deviated from and eventually betrayed Marxism, socialism and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people […]


Russia’s unhappy memory with the US and other Western countries after the Soviet Union’s collapse is another vaccine for China, “because it tells us that Russia won’t be accepted by the West even when it has abandoned socialism and disintegrated its own country into pieces,” said a Beijing-based expert on international relations who asked for anonymity.

“The struggle with the West is not mainly about ideology or ‘human rights and freedom,’ it’s about power and geopolitics, and a ‘suicide’ like the Soviet Union did to itself won’t stop hostility from the West, but will only bring setbacks, chaos and civil wars and more military expansion from the West,” he noted.

Pentru China este vaccin. Este pentru Rusia trecerea prin boală? (memorare)

BTW: îmi aduc aminte exact despre senzația de agresiune dată de videocluburile din anii ’80.

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