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The demands by the Americans touched the nerve center of CCP power as rulers of PRC. It demanded laws be written (dictated by US in the deal) which would have been the weapons of enforcement triggering penalties for any backsliding by China. These laws would act the way the US dictates to the Yeltsin-Gorbachev administrations acted on the Russian economy and society. Those US advisements crippled the domestic development, led to the wealth rape by oligarchs and set in place the plethora of NGOs that have torn up the educational and scientific sectors of Russia, and they bought time and space for the Liberals to share power and operate as a Fifth Column, largely through the Media that massaged the masses into dreams of European splendor, US freedom and democracy, while drugging with alcohol and hard opiates the nation’s manpower into morbidity and stupor.

The Chinese saw a loss of their society, the second coming of the Opium culture, and corruption reversing all the anti-corruption efforts of the last decade. They studied hard for these last three decades the fall of the USSR. They understand how the ‘take down’ was engineered. The Chinese are great students. They play a strategy game of Go. Far more complex than Chess, mastered by few, but influenced by Time and Concentration. When the Chinese make a move, there are many moves more to come before your stones on the Goban are suddenly surrounded or trapped on the edges. White or Black, the Chinese understand strategy.


[…] the coming week, in St. Petersburg President Xi will be the honored guest at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). He brings 30 business deals ready to sign between the trading partners, China-Russia, the Double Helix.


The Saint Petersburg visit will have the public speeches and actions to report, and the very private face-to-face strategizing between Xi and Putin. We will have the tea leaves to read when they are done. But we know where China is heading. Its Plan B is de-coupling. Some of that is from the American side, corporations who are moving out, pressured to go, enticed to come to other low-labor cost economies who want to duck out of the way of the tariff and trade limitations imposed, now, by both sides.

What we are witnessing is more than a Clash of Civilizations. We are seeing the dying of one dominant nation-state that has decayed from its own embrace of Liberalism and corporate capital’s dependence on war and military action with no end. DC corruption has led to the waste of tens of Trillions of Dollars, massive debt and derivative artificial growth, and total disregard of all traditional values that once was inspiration to the world. The USA lost its way and now brutalizes everyone, foe, friend or bystander. Everyone is a threat to this bully. And everyone can be used as a proxy, so the bully, himself, does not have to bleed too much.

The dying USA is taking the corrupted Europeans with it. Like a pandemic, its rot will take down those closest to it. This great tragedy has not precedent. Empires die. Hegemons falter and crash like statues pulled down in revolutions.  But a dominant nation, committing all Cardinal Sins, has no future but a miracle. List the symptoms that became the killing vices.  Pride, Greed, Impurity, Envy, Gluttony, Anger, Laziness. We see these everyday in our leaders, our institutions, our role models, our managers, our preachers, our exemplars, and doubly tragic, our children. America has becomes a hopeless case. Half of it is gone. In ten more years, it will be in need of hospice care. How much of the rest of the world will it infect before it ceases to influence beyond its own borders?

Whatever happens to the USA, China has opted to go back to basics. If somehow the US leadership snaps out of its mindset, reforms its motivations and sees itself as part of the whole instead of the only important whole, then it will meet China and Russia and Eurasia and the rest of humanity that has joined hands to make a new world on a green planet with blue seas and a philosophy of life instead of an ideology of death.

China shall lead where it can, help who it can, remain true to its values, compete with competitors, enchant its visitors, promote the young from everywhere, assist the elderly wherever they may need assistance, and smile for they have found a path that harms no one. Never in the history of the world has a wealthy nation offered its riches to build up the poor and hungry while still developing a system that elevates all its own hundreds of millions of rural and urban poor to a decent standard of living. China is ahead of its time. While it still can inspire, it has chosen to do so. Some see a connivance behind the endeavor. Others see the civilization behind the nation. It is a rich heterogeneous amalgam of peoples itself. So all people are brothers and sisters and not necessarily comrades. Just family.

Leaving the North American morgue and smelling the fresh Asian air blowing across the Pacific and inter-island seas has changed the outlook in Beijing. “To thine own self be true. This above all.” Shakespeare wrote it large, and China has heeded it.

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