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cu VP. Zice:

Very conveniently, the “facts” I am accused of are classified as “national security” data (a good way to hide the shortcomings of fabricated evidence and questionable witnesses – both being methods frequently used by the Romanian Deep State), but the laws mentioned in the banning decision (dated 13 September 2018) leave little doubt as to the nature of the pretexts that have been chosen to justify on the surface this well-characterized abuse: among other crimes, they refer to endangering the “unitary nature” of the Romanian state – a clear allusion to an underlying accusation of “irredentist” activities.

Da, conform legii. Dar:

Raoul Weiss: Obviously, the Romanian Deep State has decided to react brutally to my journalistic activity of the last two years, during which – above all in the Visegrád Post – I denounced a number of its anti-democratic interferences in the political life of the country, while shedding a harsh light on the influence of transnational networks (above all the Euro-globalist ones, such as the Open Society) which guide and cover these interferences internationally. Let us note in passing that despite my geographical location (in Cluj / Kolozsvár), Transylvania was rarely the subject of my editorials, which on the contrary often revealed a situation of objective complicity between some Hungarian liberal circles in Transylvania and the Romanian Deep State – which makes the accusation of “Hungarian propaganda”, implicitly contained in the text of the decision, even more exotic.

iar în ceea ce privește Transilvania:

Raoul Weiss: Regarding history, I defend no position at all. And for me, this whole thing is above all history. I do not advocate more for or against the Treaty of Trianon than for or against the Edict of Nantes, because I do not think it makes any sense today. Politically, however, one should first and foremost bear in mind that, nowadays, Hungarian speakers represents (at the most) 20% of the Transylvanian population, the rest being almost entirely made up of Romanians. In these circumstances, it is not clear how the Transylvanian Hungarians could question the constitutional and territorial order of Romania, even regionally. What does indeed exist is a Romanian separatism in Transylvania, whose main inspiration is the Romanian journalist Sabin Gherman, apparently commissioned by certain Western European spheres of interest to weigh on Bucharest the threat of a partition (just like Scottish independence is being weaponized by an anti-Brexit blackmail) in the event that the Romanian political class would feel the temptation of sovereignism. Nothing, however, indicates that Gherman would enjoy strong Romanian-Transylvanian popular support, and most Hungarians (loyal to their ethnic party RMDSZ / UDMR, today allied with Hungary’s FIDESZ) also stand apart from his demagogic rhetoric.

On the other hand, in the easternmost part of Transylvania, there is a region of two and a half counties (the Szekler Land), massively populated by Hungarian-speakers, mostly of the Szekler ethnic group. In spite of what all the media agents of the Romanian Deep State would like you to believe, asking for the autonomy of this region within the Romanian state is not in itself separatism, and does not necessarily imply a Revisionist vision of the Transylvanian problem. As this small sub-region is at the geographical centre of Romania, in the part of Transylvania located the furthest from the Hungarian border, it is also difficult to imagine how its autonomy could “naturally” degenerate into re-annexing by Hungary. As far as I’m concerned, without exerting any militant activity in the service of that cause, I personally consider that the Szeklers’ will of autonomy is justified by the right of peoples to self-determination. I consider – with Alain de Benoist – that one cannot be both traditionalist and Jacobin – a very frequent contradiction among Romanian nationalists, who, for many, think they are perpetuating a millennial quest for unity when, in reality, they simply keep regurgitating the chauvinistic slogans of the Ceauşescu era.

Probabil se autoiluzionează că va “suferi” cineva de dorul lui. Pentru că:

Raoul Weiss: In the dematerialized world of the twenty-first century press, it is unlikely that this vexatious measure will succeed in forcing me to silence. But after all, by formally violating the freedom of the press, the Deep State gaggles above all its main victims: the Romanian taxpayer, who will continue to finance the most expensive “intelligence” structures (read: political police) in Europe, while often working for a pittance in the service of companies held by the submerged economic network of this same Deep State; and the Romanian voter, who will continue, election after election, to be offered a rigged choice between various puppets of the Deep State, subjected to its blackmail since the very beginning of their political career. Incidentally, the event might – quite against my will! – contribute to rot the relations between Budapest and Bucharest, that is to say the current rapprochement between the V4 and Romania, which is an almost mechanical consequence of the weakening of Brussels, added to a phobia of diplomatic isolation which constitutes a secular trend in the international behaviour of the Romanian elite. Sabotaging such rapprochement constitutes an absolute strategic priority of the Romanian Deep State, and especially of its Euro-Globalist sponsors of the Brussels-Berlin axis. After all, was it not Jean-Claude Juncker himself who, these days, chose to stimulate the hysteria of the Centenary by declaring that “all that is Romanian is also European”? Given the light-heartedness shown by the Eurocracy in “adapting” its own rules on the go as part of its punitive campaigns against Hungary and Poland, I can only agree: a rhetoric of the rule of law hiding institutional delinquency, a territory / market without real state and culture content, a political life built on intoxication and manipulation – these all are, indeed, “values” which, at present, are both typically “Romanian” and typically “European”.

Așa că, Domnule RW, “călătorie sprâncenată!” îți dorim. Noi suntem români, aici, pe veci, stăpâni! LOL! Dacă n-ar fi de plâns…

Edificator primul comentariu:

Permis de sedere is granted under the condition you will not be involved in politics. Further Raul is bat shit crazy; appears to be completely insane


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