SL la UNGA. (memorare)

Conferință de presă la UNGA. (memorare)

We are guided by our national interests. All those who act this way are Russia’s prospective partners.


We work with those who have respect for themselves and will never betray their national interests just because someone from Washington told them to do so.


[T]he issues of sovereignty and territorial integrity: everyone must respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of those countries whose governments respect the principle of self-determination of peoples and, therefore, represent all the peoples residing on that territory. To be respected, you must respect your population.


Maria Zakharova: Thank you. We have to go back to our isolation and isolate ourselves from you for a while. (LOL! – nota mea)

Interviu pentru TASS. (memorare)

We don’t have unfriendly athletes, citizens, or even countries. There are unfriendly governments that have temporarily come to power in some countries whose people have always had good and friendly relations with us.

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