Marea Resetare

Deși am citit mai multe articole despre evenimentul din acest an de la Davos, nu mi s-a părut cine știe ce interesant. Inclusiv vorbirea (memorare, memorare) făcută de Putin cu această ocazie nu m-a impresionat (era ceva ce știam de ani de zile).

Dar articolul lui Orlov despre temă m-a contrariat.

[…] What is the Great Reset, really. To reset something is to set it to its original state. What was the original state of your bank account when you first opened it? Exactly! And what does a conclave of the world’s super-rich people control? Why, finance, of course! I think that calling it the Great Nullification would be more accurate. […]


What they are calling the Great Reset is a suicide pact. The reason for the rush to get it over with while the oh-so-fatal coronavirus pandemic is still presumably raging is to make their mass suicide seem less ridiculous. After all, if the faux-pandemic passes and only then does the Western financial system implode, then it will be as if all of the grand oligarchs simultaneously walked out on their balconies, slipped on carefully prepositioned banana peels and synchronously stove in their temples on the finials decorating the corners of the parapets. Half the planet would see that and also die—laughing. The worst kind of death is a ridiculous death, and so Western financial collapse has to happen while “The coronavirus did it!” still remains plausible as an excuse; hence the rush.

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