COVID există…

și credem în el!

Este tema mea preferată în ce privește propaganda. Îmi aduce aminte de clasici.

UPDATE 05.11.2020: De acord cu OEvirusul buclucaș există și este cauză de deces. Dar…

The only curious thing about it is the hysterical and panicky reactions of governments, mainly Western ones, which have possibly caused far more damage than the actual virus. Bankruptcy and unemployment, suicide quadrupling and depression: governments have a heavy responsibility here. Rather than protecting the small numbers who are highly vulnerable to covid, they seem to have decided to attack the majority and ruin their lives, notably attacking the Church. These are the reactions of profound atheists who have neither faith, nor hope, nor love.

UPDATE 18.11.2020: Un articol interesant la unz. (memorare)

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