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Iată-l pe SL plin de invidie. (memorare, memorare)

We know that the United States said that, despite the will of the entire global community, they believed the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council on Iran could be reimposed by Washington at will. These attempts have no prospects.  The fact that the United States has threatened to impose sanctions on those who defy the American interpretation of the current situation serves as further proof of Washington’s desire to move like a bull in a china shop, putting ultimatums to everyone and punishing everyone indiscriminately because, in my view, the incumbent US administration has lost its diplomatic skills almost for good.

Nonetheless, we are continuing to maintain our dialogue with the Americans, trying to make them listen to reason and to explain to them that an approach to international law like this has absolutely no prospects, but I do not know if our efforts will be successful. I am aware that the Europeans have also made similar attempts, but we also see how arrogantly Washington is treating any appeals to it to get back to the agreements based on international law.

It was announced that all those who did not agree to Washington’s interpretation of the current situation as the one that takes all of us back to the need to resume the sanctions against Iran would be punished by the United States and subjected to additional economic and other restrictions.

I can only speak on behalf of the Russian Federation. Russia definitely will not build its policy taking into account these aggressive and unlawful demands that have no legal force. Hopefully, other countries cooperating with Iran will take a principled approach and be guided by their national interests rather than the need to obey the directives issued from overseas.

Inclusiv față de nemți:

As for Nord Stream 2, I think we should simmer down regarding this. We are seeing how the US on a daily basis is trying to humiliate in public the EU, primarily Germany. US officials demand that Germany should become aware of its happy lot and the need to enhance its energy security. They imply renunciation of Nord Stream 2 and a decision to buy much more expensive US LNG.

I believe (this is my personal opinion) that this question if a matter of honour for Germany, in all aspects and dimensions.

Iacă și pe servitoarea lui SL. (memorare)

Once again, the United States and its European allies, for purely political reasons, have deliberately aggravated their relations with Russia, preferring a policy of escalating system-wide confrontation to constructive partnership. Unfortunately, this pattern of behaviour is increasingly becoming their new normal.

Washington is not showing even the slightest interest in moving away from its stereotypes. Had it been otherwise, instead of groundless accusations and threats against Russia, they would have long advised their German colleagues Washington continues to exert strong pressure on to satisfy the repeated requests from the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office for legal assistance and for the documents Russia has requested. None of the public statements made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo contain any such calls to the German authorities. At the same time, we are registering endless calls from the American side at different levels to the German side, such as to halt the Nord Stream 2 project. Isn’t that interesting?


We have taken note of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent interview with the German Bild. I’d like to emphasise what I’ve just said. Our US colleagues are going all-out to brainwash Berlin. They have been doing this regarding Nord Stream 2 for many years in different ways: first, their previous ambassador led the way, then the media, and now the US Secretary of State has joined in.

In this interview Mr Pompeo again expressed doubt that Nord Stream 2 will be built at all. I’m tempted to ask him how this project is the United States’ concern. We can look at the map to see where the US and Europe are located. In principle, the answer to this question is obvious. First, the Americans consider everything to be their business. Second, they are particularly concerned about the projects from which the Europeans get direct benefits.

We denounce the appeals to create some coalition against a pipeline in which German and other companies have already invested billions of dollars. By investment we mean not only big capital, transnationals, business flagships and industrial giants but also the investments based on the daily labour of millions of people from different countries. They are the ones who create a real product that later on allows large companies to invest in projects. Mr Pompeo, have you thought about these people, about their future? Or are they unworthy of consideration?

Such statements by Secretary of State Pompeo only reflect the real intentions of Washington, which is trying to take hold of the West European gas market by unfair competition and tie this region to future supplies of its expensive LNG. All this is perfectly clear.

și un comentariu interesant referitor la Ucraina

In his remarks, President Zelensky is clearly proud that the Ukrainian SSR was one of the founding countries of the UN as an independent entity.

Here’s a brief historical overview. We would like to remind Mr Zelensky that Ukraine owes this to the Soviet leaders of that period. The Soviet period was the high point in the prosperous life of that republic, when, thanks to major investments by the Soviet Union, it went from a predominantly agrarian land to a centre of unparalleled industrial and high-tech production and took a dignified place in the family of Soviet peoples.

Am aflat de la MID despre reuniunea prezidată de către ministrul de externe al României. Informația, este, întradevăr, pe situl MAE. (memorare) Interesant că n-am sesizat știrea la preferații mei oficiali (ziare.com și gigi24).

Un articol interesant despre arderea cărților. (memorare) Iacă și referirea la iotube.

Mi s-a părut interesantă povestea de la 10:35, în contextul zilei de azi, când am auzit informația cum că unii cetățeni, în contextul votului, vor fi scutiți de carantină.

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