Statele Unite au impus recent noi sancțiuni Federației Ruse. Atitudinea MID este interesantă. (memorare, memorare)

The sanctions which the United States adopted on September 26 against several Russian individuals and vessels plus one company became the 75th round since 2011, when Washington curtailed its own policy to reset bilateral relations and started destroying them. The US initiators of sanctions pressure on Russia have not achieved any results. But this time they acted more unreasonably than ever.

Washington has announced that it is punishing Russia for facilitating the delivery of jet fuel to Russian forces operating in Syria. This can be interpreted as the United States siding with terrorists, because the Russian Aerospace Forces were deployed in Syria in 2015 to provide assistance to the government forces in their fight against terrorist groups.

Russia has long observed with alarm that Washington is patronising Jabhat al‑Nusra and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorists, supplying them with whatever they need and trying to protect them from strikes even though they are the direct successors of al-Qaeda and have been designated as terrorist organisations around the world. When Washington adopted sanctions against Russian company Sovfracht for fuel deliveries to Syria in 2016 and subsequently froze many of its assets (by the way, they have not been released to this day and hence can be considered stolen), it explained its actions by a desire to put pressure on Russia over Crimea. The mask has finally slipped, and we can see Washington’s open desire to hinder the eradication of terrorism in Syria.

The United States has exposed its complicity with terrorism. Sanctions are nothing new for Russia. The fight against terrorism will continue in Syria even though the United States is openly patronising terrorists and has illegally occupied part of Syria’s sovereign territory, thus hindering the settlement of the conflict in Syria.

We resolutely condemn Washington’s cynical and unprincipled policy. (sublinierile mele cu roșu)

E prima dată când aud Federația Rusă spunând acestor lucruri pe numele lor. Au pierdut speranța rațiunii diplomației?!

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