Rule, Britannia!

Ieri s-a petrecut un incident în portul Sevastopol. (memorare) Interesant. Interesant pentru că au fost folosite drone aeriene pentru a distrage atenția, și drone maritime (sub apă sau la suprafață, nu e complet clar) pentru atacul propriu-zis. Și mai interesant este că rușii îi acuză direct pe britanici de atac terorist. Acest lucru este fără precedent! (memorare, memorare)

Rezultatul direct al operațiunii britanice este suspendarea Acordului pentru exportul cerealelor ucrainiene pe Marea Neagră. (memorare, memorare) Acordul șchiopăta, oricum. (memorare, memorare) Probabil rușii au fost fericiți să aibă motiv să-l suspende.

Articolul lui AM pe temă este spot on.

UK can deny whatever it wants, but as someone mentioned today in Russian media, London is the US’ subcontractor for terrorist acts. I agree, this is the extent of the competences of the modern British Armed Forces and grossly oversold, through James Bond’s comedies, intel services. Ask poor Skripal’s cat. When Russia’s MoFA and MoD make such claims it means Russia has a truckload of evidence to back such claims up. That also means, that after the attack on Sevastopol, which was successfully repelled by the Black Sea Fleet (one minesweeper was damaged), and which also has British ears protruding behind it, London received the black mark.


London should now be very cautious, as should be the US air assets over the Black Sea, as should be US commercial satellites.

Interesant este și  comentariul din care AM citează:

About China: while President Xi consolidates all domestic power, Russia is changing the International Order. So, who is the Super Power? Which is the trend setter? Who is creating the transformation away from the Hegemon to Multipolarity?

China is big, China is wealthy, China has regional power. But Russia is changing the world. Russia is leaving Europe. Russia is rejecting the West. Russia is fighting the US through the hegemon’s double layered proxies Ukraine/NATO.

The New History of the Present Times is being written by Russia. In a fight to the finish, an existential fight with forces much larger, Russia is attriting the West and taking apart the economic weapons of the US, as well as destroying the military weapons of the West and, with it, the long-held notion of US invincibility.

China may be waiting on the banks of the river hoping for its enemy, the body of the Hegemon to come floating by, slain by Russia. But all the world already understands the Warrior deserves the glory, and History will deliver the respect and rewards to Putin and Russia, not Xi and China.

China may yet take its turn if the Hegemon pulls up before absolute defeat in Ukraine and concentrates on China. But, for now, everything is being thrown at Russia.

There is an alliance between the two neighbors. They coordinate and cooperate. China needs Russia for security reasons. Russia needs China for economic reasons. Kind words pass from one side to the other. While China observes, Russia bleeds and takes losses in its fight for sovereignty and security.

China, the elder, is learning a lesson its 4000 years never taught it–to win, you fight. Russia learned its historical lesson– there is only one purpose for war–Victory. War is not a substitute for diplomacy. War is to break the will of your enemy, crush his power and force the solution you need or seek. This war came to Russia, and Russia is using it to destroy the world Hegemon. China will benefit greatly, but Russia will have the Victory.

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