Prima Revoluție Americană

Un punct de vedere foarte interesant al lui PCR, la TS. (memorare) Dacă este așa, cine sunt și când vor veni bolșevicii? Și dacă ei nu sunt și ei nu vin, atunci ce și cine? PCR nu ne spune. Nici noi nu putem bănui; decât, după cele spuse de Orlov, probabil să ne așteptăm la more of the same, până ce cantitativul se va transforma în calitativ.

BTW: SwPRs mă duce la ISGP. Unde informația este mai mult decât abundentă. Am început cu o introducere. Iată:

UPDATE: iată și pe RO, via TS (memorare):

Iată articolul lui AR, referit de RO. (memorare)

RI mă duce spre un articol din 2015(!) a lui Orlov (memorare).

As empires collapse, they turn inward, and subject their own populations to the same ill treatment to which they subjected others. Here, America is unexceptional: the number of Americans being murdered by their own police, with minimal repercussions for those doing the killing, is quite stunning. When Americans wonder who their enemy really is, they need look no further.

But that is only the beginning: the precedent has already been set for deploying US troops on US soil. As law and order break down in more and more places, we will see more and more US troops on the streets of cities in the US, spreading death and destruction just like they did in Iraq or in Afghanistan. The last license to kill to be revoked will be the license to kill ourselves.

UPDATE 23.01.2021: MoA ne povestește despre minunile minunate ale revenirii la normal în Statele Unite. Este vorba despre libertate, și egalitate: băieții pot cere să fie incluși în categoria fetelor, și invers. Propășirea nației este garantată.

It is clear what will follow from that. Girls will stop to take part in competitive sports. They do not want to share a locker room with boys who, maybe only for a day, ‘identify’ as girls. They will also no longer have a chance to win anything.

It is not pure idioticy that Biden pushes out such nonsense. From the view point of the ruling class it makes sense to split the plebs along cultural ideological lines. As long as they fight each other about access to bathrooms based on ‘identity’ they will be distracted from recognizing that class discrimination and economic imbalances are the real problems they should care to change.

Issues like the above, which is plainly unreasonable for anyone not drunk on ‘librul’ LGBTQWERTY cool aid, are a major reason why the U.S. is losing international respect. It no longer cares about science or reason. It does not stick to legal commitments, treaties and international law. It has stopped to make any sense.

În același ton este și AM, care atrage atenția asupra teoriei (sau mai bine zis, a lipsei acesteia).

Let’s harken to 1977, so called Brezhnev Constitution:

Это — общество зрелых социалистических общественных отношений, в котором на основе сближения всех классов и социальных слоев, юридического и фактического равенства всех наций и народностей, их братского сотрудничества сложилась новая историческая общность людей — советский народ.
Translation: This society–society of mature socialist public relations, in which, based on convergence of all classes and social strata, judicial and de facto equality of all nations and peoples, their brotherly cooperation a new historic community of people  has formed–Soviet people.

Boy, talk about delusions. 11 years later this whole “new historic community of people” started to kill each-other based on racial, ethnic, religious and other grounds. Believe me, I was there when shit hit the fan. Boy, I thought to myself, when the first tanks started to roll in Baku supporting us, already stretched thin Baku garrison, desperately trying to stop chaos and violence, the theory sucks. It doesn’t work. It worked neither socially nor economically, Stalin was right when stated that “without theory it is death, death, death.” He was prescient. So, in the world of Critical Race Theory, and Facebook and Twitter being considered an economy, ask yourself a question: does the United States need a theory or will it go down in flames of economic and social chaos. Don’t look at me, I am no theoretician, I just call shit as I see it.

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