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Un articol bine-venit la AM. (memorare)

Citesc de câteva zile Război și pace. L-am început mai demult, dar n-am prea progresat cu el. De câteva zile m-a prins. Mi se pare monumental.

UPDATE 27.07.2020: AM despre G7. (memorare)

Why this dead horse of useless G-7 is being brought back into conversation by Germany remain a complete mystery to me, as well as to many other people who do actual count of capabilities. Europe as a whole is a pathetic exhibit A of incompetence, phantom pains of lost greatness, military midgetry and of cultural suicide. One has to ask a question, why exactly should Russia want to join this cabal of perverts? Russia is an antithesis to European “values” and new Russian Constitution established this fact on a fundamental level. Russia is ready to do business with those who want to do business with Russia, but Russians remember very clearly a role Germany played in unleashing hell in Ukraine and, in general, Germany’s attempt to take a “high ground” vis-a-vis Russia are dismissed by Russians outright, as they should be. Swinging from one extreme of Nazism to another, of a complete moral debauchery and cultural suicide, does not provide Germany with any right, let alone capability, to offer any advise to Russia.
In the end, Russia joining anything is not up to Trump either, let alone to some colorless lawyer from Germany who has zero real expertise in foreign relations and foreign policy on the level which is way out of Germany’s league and is nothing more than a typical German lefty political bureaucrat who cannot possibly generate any ideas on serious geopolitical matters. Nobody in Europe can–today it is a cultural and intellectual wasteland which still tries to live off the material heritage of once proud Western Civilization. And even that Europe cannot do well. It is a world of great powers’ global rivalry today we live in, Germany is not one of them in this game and, as an object of history should avoid trying to play one. Great power she is not and Heiko Maas better learn this fast to avoid future embarrassments.

Despre un nou Război Rece, de această dată cu China. (memorare)

Despre think-tank-uri. (memorare)

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